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Soesic eSports Overwatch Moments #2

Clips from Soesic eSports Overwatch Players!

The Soesic CEO & Overwatch COO Interview

Interview by Dakota “Glacial” Lee

Soesic Clothing Co. Ad: “Get Your Own Swag” – Fan Submission

Silly ad a fan put together! Thanks guys!


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The New Best Team Coming for the Overwatch Open Division

    Amidst a pool of want-to-be pro-scene  players and coaches, rise two very prominent coaches that joined the Soesic eSports Overwatch Division. Meet Armando ‘Gmando’ Zepeda, and Eddie ‘Munk’ Hernandez, the heads of…

"You will know us. Everyone will know who Soesic is", Says Tim, Head of the Soesic E-Sports Call of Duty Division

Meet Tim, a hardened Halo and First Person Shooter (FPS) veteran. Tim leads the charge when it comes to making sure that the teams are where they need to be at; tryouts, roster changes, finances and media etc... Tim is the Head of the Soesic…

Is Blackout The Best Battle Royale Out There?

In our day and age of persistent releases of Battle Royale (BR) games, the two big giants are PUBG and Fortnite. With the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (BO4), we were given a new addition to the genre with ‘Blackout’. In this article…