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Soesic eSports Fortnite Twitch Clips Compilation #2

Clips from Soesic eSports Fortnite Players Livestreams!

Greg0rinoTV Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Twitch Compilation

Clips from Soesic eSports Black Ops 4 Player Greg0rinoTV’s Livestream!

Soesic eSports Black Ops 4 Divison Chief “MKB” interview by Dakota “Glacial” Lee

Dakota “Glacial” Lee interviews Soesic eSports’ Black Ops 4 Division Chief Operating Officer & Main Coach, Timothy “MKB” Willis



What Does It Take To Make a Successful eSports-Ready Game

Another top point here. There needs to be variety. If everyone has the same gun and always plays the same map, it's all about who shoots more accurately first, right? This is a fundamental concept for multiplayer game design but its to prove a point. That is why games will release new items, maps, champions/heroes, game-modes etc.

Soesic eSports Raises $553 Dollars for the Extra Life Organization During Charity Event

On January 25th 2019 Soesic eSports hosted an Overwatch tournament aimed at raising money for extra-life.org, a website dedicated to raising funds for multiple different charities across the USA. The tournament lasted from 4pm - 12AM (EST).…

The Fall of Goats and the Rise of Snipers: January 7 2019 PTR discussion

Overwatch being an ever-popular and ever-evolving game, it’s no surprise seeing metas shift patch to patch. Sometimes we see metas change simply by discovering a hidden strategy like the GOATS comp. As of now, the GOATS comp is a little too…