Amidst a pool of want-to-be pro-scene  players and coaches, rise two very prominent coaches that joined the Soesic eSports Overwatch Division. Meet Armando ‘Gmando’ Zepeda, and Eddie ‘Munk’ Hernandez, the heads of the Overwatch Division, and future big names in the professional competitive scene.


Zepeda has a history of being a coach for a multitude of different sports such as rock climbing and parkour. His passion for coaching and his love for Overwatch drove him to find some options for coaching positions with the games community. After talking a while with Zack (CEO) of Soesic eSports, Zepeda was brought on as the COO of the Soesic eSports Overwatch Division.


Hernandez, like Zepeda has a lot of coaching experience under his belt. While he may not have a lot of gaming experience, he overwhelmingly makes up for it for his raw coaching prowess and his ability to interact with both the players and the other areas of management.


So far with the Overwatch team, there are four members currently on the roster, with plans on adding another four in order to round the roster out.


When I asked Zepeda and Hernandez about their plans for upcoming tournaments, they said that they plan on competing in the Overwatch Open League. They said that some of the teams that they were scrimming against, were beaten very easily. What we look for in a team, when we are doing tryouts is resilience, and being able to recover from a deficit.


Once they join the Open Division, if they end in the top 4 of the league, they have a chance to join the Overwatch Contenders. They would have to go into a series of matches called the Trials, and will be going against the Open Division top 4, and the Contenders’ 4 lowest placed team from the last season of Contenders. If they come through that, then Soesic eSports will have made its way to be playing against teams such as London Spitfires’ ‘British Hurricane’ Academy Team.


The Prize Pool for the 2019 season 4 of Open Division has not been revealed yet, but hopefully Soesic eSports will make a name for itself far beyond a small prize-pool.


Zepeda and Hernandez both want to have their roster be able to stream or record gameplay for entertainment, practice (VOD reviews), and for content for the community that will likely follow in the wake of the Soesic eSports hype train.

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Meet Tim, a hardened Halo and First Person Shooter (FPS) veteran. Tim leads the charge when it comes to making sure that the teams are where they need to be at; tryouts, roster changes, finances and media etc… Tim is the Head of the Soesic E-Sports: Call of Duty Division. He will over-sees the development and growth of both the Multiplayer and Blackout rosters in the months to come

“Picking them up was a no-brainer”

Tim says that they will definitely be competing in the Call of Duty World League (CWL) and feel that his roster is able to compete at a high level vrs. some of the currently known teams such as Optic Gaming and FaZe Clan.

Expect to see some content coming out of the Raptor Pack including; Highlight Reels, Player Spotlights, Montages and more. Interviews like the ones I’ve done with Soesic Liquid and the one with Tim will come highlighting the players.

If you want to find out more about Tim and his personality, go over to the Soesic E-Sports YouTube channel, and listen to the full interview. If you want to find out how to contact Tim, message him on Twitter.



Author: Dakota ‘Glacial’ Lee

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