In our day and age of persistent releases of Battle Royale (BR) games, the two big giants are PUBG and Fortnite. With the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (BO4), we were given a new addition to the genre with ‘Blackout’. In this article we are going to break down what makes Blackout different from other BRs, and why you might want to try getting your hands on it.


First off, we will talk about the start of the round, the drop. In PUBG, you drop out of the plane, but you have around the same movement speed going down as you do when you are trying to stretch your distance. In Fortnite, the best way to drop is to wait until you are a few squares away from your destination. From there you will use your glider to travel most of the distance. In Blackout, not only do you drop right out, but you have a bar on the right of your screen telling you your drop speed. Immediately after leaving the Heli, if you try to stretch your distance, you won’t get very far. Its starts you off at a snail’s pace of 44 meters per second (m/s) however, if you dive straight down until you hit about 60m/s you will be able to carry that speed and even get faster as you travel, up to 67m/s. This is really important as it opens you up to about 70-100% of the map depending on where your drop-line is at.


In addition the actual drop itself, when you start to land, if you angle yourself correctly, you can drop directly through a window on the top floor of a building and gain a huge advantage over anyone else that dropped into your building.


So now you have dropped and you are looking for loot. You might have found some bandages or medikits along the way, and you might have taken some damage from someone on the drop. The default key on PC for healing is ‘2’ and you can actually move while healing, which is something that no other BR can do. Sure in Fortnite you can wiggle around a bit to dodge incoming headshots, but you shouldn’t be in the open in the first place. I personally have my healing on ‘Caps Lock’ because it’s really easy to start sprinting and then switch to healing.


Now this next point could be argued a bit, but I feel that Blackout has more items in general, and more tactical items for sure. What do I mean by tactical items? Well, take the Sensor Dart for example. Shoot it at an object and you will get a tiny sonar ping in that area that reveals the positioning of any enemy targets. No other BR has location detection items in their games. Another set of items called ‘Perks’ let you gain special abilities that you use and have the effect for a duration. The Perk ‘Iron Lungs’ for example reduces aim sway significantly. This is an extremely important perk for anyone equipped with a sniper rifle. So if you are in your squad and you happen to find one, let your teammate know! Fortnite does have something vaguely similar with their stones. Some let you go invisible while others let you have reduced gravity. Some have both haha.


Lastly let’s talk about the mobility in Blackout. Obviously Blackout is supposed to be in a more realistic setting than Fortnite or Realm Royal. So in that regard we won’t have building, flying, teleporting or the such. We do, however, have: swimming, shooting while swimming, the ability to climb almost any surface within reach, break through glass windows, sliding, etc… All of these, I feel, greatly improve the experience of Blackout and its Multiplayer counterpart.


In conclusion if you are looking for a more high-skill, realistic shooter, I would recommend trying Blackout. If you like your fantasy/cartoony BRs then stick with Fortnite and Realm Royale.


Author: Dakota ‘Glacial’ Lee